OCTOBER 15-18, 2020 ONLINE


OCTOBER 15-18, 2020 is ONLINE

  • Thursday 10/15 9am-Noon Pacific Time
  • Partner Pairing any time between Day 1 and Day 2
  • Friday 10/16 9am-Noon Pacific Time
  • Partner Pairing any time between Day 2 and Day 3
  • Saturday 2-5pm PT (will be recorded)
  • (Partner Pairing any time between Day 3 and Day 4--optional)
  • Sunday 9am-Noon Pacific Time


  • Thursday 10/15 6-9pm CET
  • Partner Pairing any time between Day 1 and Day 2
  • Friday 10/16 6-9pm CET
  • Partner Pairing any time between Day 2 and Day 3
  • Saturday 5-8pm (ET)/ 11pm-2am CET (will be recorded)
  • (Partner Pairing any time between Day 3 and Day 4--optional)
  • Sunday 6-9pm CET

Ready to spend several days exploring war and peace in your thinking? The Work of Byron Katie allows us to do just that….enter a place of freedom through mindfully questioning our beliefs, one by one. This simple yet profound method of self-inquiry changes lives. You’ll learn to identify your own thoughts, and help others do the same.  

We start at the very beginning….identifying a stressful situation or the tension you find troubling.  

You choose what you want to take a look at and investigate with this sincere inquiry process.  

What we find, with self-inquiry using the four questions, is a new view, new possibilities, a wider horizon, or a shift in our perception of our situation. No situation is too great or too small for this inquiry.  

We will have the opportunity this particular retreat to dive more deeply into what's most currently disturbing us: relationships, work, career, family of origin, daily life, money, time. 

Byron Katie invites us over and over again, in her 30+ years of opening to inquiry practice and questioning reality, to do The Work for breakfast on Mother, Father, Sister, Brother. What she means is do The Work as a practice in your life, keep at it like meditation….identify and question your objections to reality.  

And if you can’t remember them, nothing is forced….we walk into The Work with what feels disturbing. You’ll be choosing what you most want to work on, and perhaps be surprised with where you go next. We’re questioning our stressful experience of life, one situation at a time.  

“I did The Work, because I was in a hurry.” ~ Byron Katie  

Come join us for a powerful, lazer-sharp way to use your incredible mind and your brilliant imagination for good instead of evil (little joke). Bring yourself to peace.  

Mental health practitioners earn 15 CEUs (depending on exact schedule). Candidates enrolled in Institute for The Work who are attending this retreat receive 12 CE credits.  

Please see below for available beds and lodging (doesn't apply for fall 2020 retreat) 


When you register, you’ll soon be sent the available accommodation options in our gorgeous lodge.  

Anyone who wishes to stay offsite in their own accommodations is welcome, but you’re encouraged to stay in our lodge for ease and connection.  

MEALS: We may be DIY depending on our venue and location, or have catered meals.  

If we supply our own food, we’ll be organizing ourselves into shared meals for easy planning. Each person attending will only need to prepare food once (with your team of helpers). Everyone will pool grocery purchases and we’ll divide them evenly at the end. If someone is willing and able to help organize meal planning, write We’ll keep it simple and fun!  

Anyone on a special diet who needs to plan only their own meals, feel free to do this and take care of yourself.

Write to if you have lodging questions and want to stay onsite. Enrolling below secures your spot for tuition and will allow us to move forward with lodging arrangements for you. Can't wait to spend this precious time with you!

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