As we all navigate life during social distancing....let's retreat together online this year.

Let the adventure begin. Simple enough to follow and remember, complex enough to handle any situation you've ever encountered that's resulted in suffering.

Our daily schedule all Pacific Time:

  • Daily from Tuesday-Sunday two sessions per day (morning and late afternoon Pacific Time)
  • MIDDAY SESSIONS: Lunch/Meal, Movement and Partner Work for minimum 60 minutes (each person 30 mins) between sessions (you will arrange your start time with partner).
  • FINAL SESSION: Sunday December 6th evening.

Partner pairing will be elective in between sessions, for those really wanting to stay deeply in The Work all day and remain active in inquiry.

Attend only mornings or evenings, or whatever sessions you can based on your time zone--we suggest you have some solid experience in The Work if you choose to attend partial sessions such as only mornings or only evenings. We highly recommend watching recordings if you must miss, to stay in the flow of the process unfolding with everyone.

To enroll, we suggest $375 - $895 for the whole retreat, and we are setting this up as pay-from-the-heart so you may contribute as needed based on your situation (with the minimum set at $375). Please click the button below and when you are at the PAYMENT PAGE please enter the total number of dollars you will contribute. Tom and Grace will be sharing the proceeds equally after any expenses.

We thank you so much for your support of our work in these times.

"A profound experience. I thought Grace and Tom had worked together for years, my jaw dropped when I found out this was the first time. They are a brilliant balance of love and truly compliment each other. The pace seamlessly flowed between them and whatever happened next. I can't thank them both enough for what they offered, and what I found." ~ Participant summer 2019 at Breitenbush in-person retreat.

"I don't know what it is, but these two together are offering some kind of magic. Two experienced facilitators working with the group at the same time was a wonder to behold--each bringing a different flavor to the pot. All I can say is, it worked. It really, really worked." Online Participant 2020

"This was better than I ever imagined. From the ease of technology and emails, to the support behind the scenes to the way the overall flow of the program was managed, and that's not even the content itself of inquiry facilitated beautifully between these's the best online virtual program I have taken.~ Online Participant 2020



To Register call Breitenbush at (503) 854-3320.  



Winter 2020: share The Work of Byron Katie with us December 3-6, 2020.  

Ready to plunge into this gorgeous winter 3-day retreat amidst the holiday season? We'll begin Thursday evening at 7:00 pm and spend a powerful time questioning our thoughts until Sunday noon.  

Tuition $395, plus lodging and meals (you'll choose your accommodations). If you call before October 1st, the early bird tuition is $345. A beautiful time of year to soak in the mineral springs, get a massage or body work, and do this brilliant work of letting go of stressful stories through self-inquiry.  

Relationships with others. Money and career woes. Difficult people. Troubling emotions. Unexpected change.  

So hard to experience hard times! question your stories about them, and discover the freedom and laughter of not believing what you think.  

The Work of Byron Katie begins with finding where you're disturbed by someone in your life, or a situation you find very troubling, whether long ago or more recently.  

The curious thing is, the people or encounters we have which disturb us the most.....may be our most important teachers.  

It doesn't mean we have to like them, or live with them forever, or stay stuck, or put up with them, or marry them, or even divorce them....but it sure is more fun if you feel peace as life unfolds.  

Come join Grace Bell and Tom Compton to explore deeply held old beliefs.  

Beginners and experienced both love this in-person time to soak in The Work at Breitenbush and rejuvenate.  

This retreat is for ANYONE who has stressful thoughts that drive you nuts, make you sad, reminds you of loss, brings regret, anger, rage, fear or trouble of any kind into your experience.  

Mother, father, sister, brother, co-worker, boss, neighbor, uncle, aunt, grandpa, grandma, daughter, son, friend. Pain, illness, death, loss, fear, worry, sadness.  

We'll start with something you feel most troubled by, and dig down into The Work for clarity.  

We'll be bringing you some wonderful exercises, gathered from years of personal awareness work, to help you include body, mind, and spirit all into an integrated whole of awareness.  

Being honest about our petty, ridiculous, childish repetitive thoughts can bring the most loving, accepting and mature responses....when we use The Work to question what we think.  

Retreat Schedule:  

Thursday, 7:00 - 9:30 pm Friday 9:30am-12:45pm, 3:30-5:45, 7:30-9:00 pm Saturday 9:30-12:45, 3:30-5:45, dance (optional) Sunday 9:00-11:30 am  

Meals are amazing and delicious at Breitenbush:  

Breakfast 8-9:00 am Lunch 1:00-2:00 pm Dinner 6:00-7:00 pm  

We can't wait to share this time in the dark winter and inquiry. A relaxing, gorgeous time where everyone is unplugged (no cell or internet service) and sharing in this amazing process of The Work.  

Question Your Thinking, Change Your World for mental health professionals through WA State Society for Clinical Social Work: 18 CEUs.  

$395 tuition for Thursday – Sunday program.  

This is said to be an incredibly inexpensive way to learn, do, and practice The Work with two experienced facilitators in such a beautiful environment. A Gottman 2-day weekend workshop for one couple is $7500. The Hendricks' weekend is $695 per person. Meeting for 17 hours for individual time in The Work would amount to $2125. Therapy ranges from $125-$250 per hour, or around $3500 for this number of hours. Lodging and meals are at winter rates, so it's an ideal to attend retreat and a wonderful time for getaway and rest.  

Institute for The Work (ITW) candidates earn 18 credits total: 9 with Tom, 9 with Grace  

A luscious time of inward reflection and being held in nature, with your thoughts.  

Join us.

Summer 2020: June 2nd-7th. Make your reservations early. We begin at 7 pm on Tuesday, June 2nd, ending with lunch on Sunday June 7th. Let’s question our thinking, together, for peace.  

Tom Compton and Grace Bell welcome you to the inner adventure of The Work of Byron Katie and self-inquiry at one of the most beautiful places in the world: the heart of the Oregon Cascades in the Pacific Northwest at Breitenbush Hotsprings Conference and Retreat Center.  

We love doing The Work, and we’d love to do it with you. Join us.  

Have You Been Bothered by inner frustration or wars with circumstances, people, life, yourself? Is it with your body, a client, an ex-spouse, a current partner, money, mother, father, sibling, boss? Who or what is that top-of-the-list source of irritation, sadness, or discouragement?  

Most of us have experienced difficult or troubling situations. What if there was a way to truly end your suffering in an area of great concern for you, by questioning your deepest, sometimes unconscious, beliefs?  

You’d like to feel more positive, powerful, confident and peaceful. You’d like to never snap at your teen, feel irritable with your partner, feel upset with your weight or wrinkles, or feel nervous about money….BUT HOW?  

This work is how.  

So many problems….maybe minor, maybe major….  

and then on top of these issues, we think we shouldn’t be worried, we shouldn’t be bothered, and we’re not being spiritual if we’re in emotional or physical pain.  

35 CEUs for mental health professionals through WA State Society for Clinical Social Work. 24 Credits for Institute for The Work candidates.  

June 2-7, 2020  

Click Here to Go To Learn More About Breitenbush  

To register, and ask any questions about logistics, accommodations, meals or total costs please call Breitenbush Hotsprings Resort 503-854-3320 The staff will help you with everything  

$795 tuition for Tuesday – Sunday program or $695 for early-bird registration by April 1st, 2020  

Accommodations and meals will be added based on your preferences…you get to choose and there is a wide variety from your own cabin (plumbed or not), a campsite, or a tent platform. It is highly recommended to call and reserve early to get the lodging you most desire. All lodging includes the most beautiful and delicious vegetarian meals you’ve ever had.  

Give yourself the gift of time to:  

  • Learn and immerse yourself in inquiry
  • Rest in a pristine, breath-taking, cleansing environment
  • Come to understand repetitive thoughts about your relationship, your body, the hard situations
  • Question and dissolve fear about getting ill or hurt or discomfort
  • End the war with judgments
  • Free your mind
  • Rejuvenate, cleanse, rest, and renew your body, mind and spirit
  • Enjoy organic vegetarian cuisine in a mountain environment that is free of drugs, alcohol, internet and cell phones  
  • Spend a week with Grace Bell and Tom Compton and get to the heart of your most profoundly painful thinking. Transform what you think you know, with The Work of Byron Katie. “Now sweetheart, close your eyes, and go to the place where you are very, very ill….Now see if you can locate the place that doesn’t care. The place that really isn’t bothered by it. It’s there. See if you can locate it—the part of you that is unaffected. The part of you that just watches…..So let that one grow. It cares nothing for control.” ~ Byron Katie  

What is The Work of Byron Katie?  

The work is a method of self-inquiry that cuts to the heart of stressful thinking, belief-systems and conditioning you have learned. It allows any individual using it to inquire, open, relax, and free themselves from what they’ve assumed to be true.  

The process is so simple that even children can use it. It consists of four questions, and then finding what are called “turnarounds”….looking at the opposites of the thoughts that have produced stress in your life. Many people from all around the world use The Work to question their stressful thinking.  

Grace Bell and Tom Compton facilitate the four questions and turnarounds through many years of personal daily experience doing The Work, and facilitating others.  

All you need to bring to this workshop is an open and ready mind.  

Come join us in acceptance, honesty and love and give yourself the gift of unconditional freedom, no matter what has ever happened in your life.  

What are your stressful beliefs?  

Let's question them.

CALL 503.854.3320


To Register call Breitenbush at (503) 854-3320.