Friday Freedom Inquiry Sessions

Friday Free Inquiry Sessions--Monthly Meetings for everyone

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Friday inquiries are most often held on the First Friday of the month at 7:45am Pacific Time. Occasionally they move to the Second Friday due to Grace's retreat schedule.

Friday Free Inquiry is a 90 minute call. We begin with filling out a Judge Your Neighor worksheet, step one of The Work of Byron Katie. Then, 2-3 volunteers have the opportunity to do The Work. The group is free to participate in the chat, or to follow along, and also a brief sharing after each inquiry allows people to offer their insights fro the work and what they found in the process. Questions are also welcome.

Friday Free Inquiry is offered and recorded for podcast and youtube in service to others who may need and want this work. If you prefer not to be filmed or recorded, it's best if you sign up for a solo session with Grace (or call the Help Line for The Work).

To donate to Friday Inquiry session, please consider sending $10-$20 via paypal to or Venmo Grace @workwithgrace right HERE. No donation is required to join with us in Friday inquiry.

To find the time in your time zone, visit:

Friday Inquiry meets at:

  • 7:45 am Pacific Time (Seattle)
  • 9:45am Central Time
  • 10:45am Eastern Time
  • 3:45pm UK
  • 4:45pm Paris
  • 5:45pm Israel

To see the upcoming Friday Inquiry calendar, visit here (google calendar). Everyone on Grace Note mailing list will also receive email in your Inbox with the time and zoom link every month. To Join Grace Notes and get them in your inbox, sign up here.

Watch previous Friday Inquiry Sessions on youtube here: