from war to peace with someone in your life

Annual Valentine Retreat
Feb 8-11, 2024
8-11am PT/ 4-7pm Ireland daily

Problems in a relationship: past or present? Whether you're fighting, sad, feeling betrayed, or simply confused....if love seems like something difficult between you and another, this is the perfect retreat to attend.

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The war in relationship is soooo painful. 

Our thoughts are so upsetting, we sometimes think we will not survive, much less thrive to see this experience as one that’s loving.

We cut off our family members for years, or suffer through spending time in their presence. We hate our spouses or former-spouses. We long for the one who got away. We burn within about our boss or that one irritating co-worker.

Can a relationship on the rocks be transformed?  

We think so, because we’ve lived it.  

Nadine Ferris France and Grace Bell team up for this powerful work, because they’ve both been divorced, both had conflict with children, parents, siblings, friends. Both felt broken, both felt ashamed and wrong….and both now experience the process of learning to love another who we believed caused harm--as one of the best things (not the worst) that ever happened.  


These are the thoughts we began to question:  

  • I can’t cope
  • He/she shouldn’t have left me
  • She should help me
  • I am a failure
  • They hate me
  • I can't make it without them
  • We can’t communicate
  • I'll never find a good partner, job, family or place of belonging

….….. sound familiar?  

This work with other humans we've experienced, who sometimes have wreaked havoc, created problems, or caused pain in our lives is some of the most deeply valuable work anyone can do.

We welcome those who wish to heal difficult relationships through their own profound self-inquiry. It works 100% of the time, for those who work it.

Our Relationship Hell To Heaven program is for anyone noticing something's getting in the way of loving, kind, joyful relating to others.

Your work may be on a spouse, companion, partner, or mother, father, sister, brother, co-worker, boss, neighbor, friend. The one bringing pain is the one for this work. You'll know who.

A private secure forum online for writing, sharing, and all materials will be provided for everyone enrolled.

Join us for this transformative adventure, supported by two Certified Facilitators of The Work of Byron Katie: Grace Bell and Nadine Ferris-France. Welcome to peace.

Just sit there right now

Don't do a thing

Just rest.

For your separation from the Friend,

From love,

Is the hardest work

In this




"I don't know that you will find two more beautiful, compassionate and loving souls than Nadine and Grace. Their relationship retreat was very well organized and articulated, and the follow up work at the end of each session brought it all home in a most meaningful way. I felt completely safe, listened to and honored the entire retreat. Since the retreat I have noticed several shifts in my closest relationships with loved ones."

"Nadine and Grace worked so well together as facilitators of The Work. Their guidance is gentle but sure-footed. I think the thing I got the most out of the workshop with them, apart from learning about/accepting/loving myself more clear-sightedly, was an appreciation of the strength embedded in their cooperation with each other, their ease with themselves, and the lightness they brought to the process of inquiry."

A wonderful retreat made very special and both Nadine and Grace who made you feel like they were in the room with you encouraging , embracing and helping you to discover you own truth and strength. I would highly recommend this course."

“At first I struggled to make the investment but I got so much more out of it than I expected and really feel like it has helped me to move on. It has given me the basic tools that I need to question my own thinking and assumptions and to let stuff go in a way that really does serve my highest potential. It also helped me to act on certain things that I did not have the courage to before. Sometimes doing this is harder than staying in that place of resentment and inaction. As Nadine said ‘resentment is really like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to suffer’ yet we are the only ones who keep suffering. I guess the pain is sometimes inventible but we have to try and reduce the suffering which IS optional. Thank you for all the pearls of wisdom Nadine and Grace and for showing me another way. I am very grateful to both of you and all the amazing women who dared to question and share so openly.” ~ Sophie, Zimbabwe  

“I love how calming you are Grace. Your ability to translate what we were thinking and rephrase concepts to be more accurate was very helpful and allowed me to dive into the work in an accurate way. I now know that is one thing that has held me back (the thoughts I wrote down were too broad). thank you, thank you”. ~Sam, US  

“Nadine, you are amazing. Your ability to put yourself in my shoes (all of our shoes!) was impressive. Your calming and uplifting way of presenting the concepts and using the turn arounds to dive into our thoughts helped me a great deal. thank you, thank you” ~ Sam

Really enjoyed taking another class with Grace. This is my second. So grateful to be on Grace’s newsletter list and to hear about this class just when I needed it. I appreciated how gracefully she facilitated us in The Work and also, sometimes wanted her to bring one of us back to The Work when we got lost in our story. Thanks to her for handling a lot of the logistics and working seamlessly with Nadine in sharing the lead in teaching each class. Annie, USA  

Really enjoyed meeting you Nadine, and learning from you. Really resonated with your story. Your life examples were so helpful to my situation. Thank you for being organized and working so well with Grace. You guys make a good team! Annie, USA  

Grace lives her name through the kindness, understanding and wisdom she generously gives to all. Jennifer, USA  


Let's do The Work!

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