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March 25-28, 2021 ONLINE ZOOM

Welcome to the Spring Cleaning Retreat, a time to bring our problems to self-inquiry in one of the most simple, lazer-sharp ways to understand our pain and suffering….and unravel it for good.  

What kind of cleaning? Thought Cleaning.  

Where do we do it? ONLINE on zoom.

If you're ready to commit, scroll down below for the different options for joining from anywhere in the world. You'll get the chance to work in a group, and also pair with others during the program. Beginners to experienced all are welcome. 

This retreat is open to anyone seeking peace from stressful thinking, this four day retreat is a beautiful immersion into The Work of Byron Katie–a simple yet profound way of un-raveling beliefs and thoughts that disturb us….sometimes that we’ve been living with for years.  

The Work, also known as Inquiry Based Stress Reduction (IBSR) is a practice where we start by identifying the pain and confusion clearly. This is done with language, by listening to what our minds are telling us internally: 

  • I never want to get sick
  • I don’t have enough money
  • my mother rejected me
  • I can’t go on after my divorce
  • I’m not good enough
  • she abandoned me
  • my health is ruining my life
  • I can’t stop eating (or drinking, smoking, doing)
  • he hurt me
  • I lost my home (my marriage, my prized possession)
  • my client is suffering and I need to help them

These thoughts are traumatic, debilitating, sometimes so depressing that our present lives are unfulfilling and filled with anxiety.  

The Work is a powerful way to deal with our thinking. The practice of doing The Work is a step-by-step way to answer four questions, and find surprising peace in our own answers–only our own answers will work, no one else’s.  

  • Is this thought true?
  • Can I absolutely know it’s true?
  • How do I react when I believe this thought?
  • Who would I be without this thought?
  • The fifth and final step is to find what are called the Turnarounds to our beliefs…a way to look at our concepts and thinking from every angle, so no stone goes unturned. Our time together benefits people new to The Work or those of you who are very experienced. Bring your open-minded beginners mind.  

“Argue with reality, and you lose…but only 100% of the time.” ~ Byron Katie  

March 25-28, 2021 :

Please sign up for:

  • A) Thursday only, (minimum requested $60)
  • B) Thursday+Friday, (minimum requested $120)
  • C) Thursday-Sunday (the entire program minimum requested $180)
  • D) Saturday is 90 minute for everyone participating in the retreat plus optional dance online

  • 3/25 Thursday 9:00am - 12:30pm Pacific Time/ (1:00pm - 4:30pm ET/ 6:00pm-9:30pm Europe)
  • 3/26 Friday 9:00am - 12:30pm Pacific Time/ (1:00pm - 4:30pm ET/ 6:00pm-9:30pm Europe)
  • 3/27 Saturday 8:00am-9:30am Pacific Time/ 11am-12:30pm ET/ 4-5:30pm UK (dance 10:15-Noon PT)
  • 3/28 Sunday 9:00am - 12:30pm/ (1:00pm - 4:30pm ET/ 6:00pm-9:30pm Europe)

What we find, with inquiry, is a new view, new possibilities, a wider horizon, or a shift in our perception of our situation. No situation is too great or too small for this inquiry.  

“I did The Work, because I was in a hurry.” ~ Byron Katie  

People who practice The Work regularly report a change in their relationship troubles, a softening of their experience of worry and fear, and the end of their depression and being run by their past histories and difficult stories.  

Come meet wonderful friends, and connect with others who deeply love questioning their thoughts. You will leave with a minimum of one important troubling issue investigated…and you will know your next steps, beyond the mind, beyond belief. We’ll focus on living our turnarounds and how we can do this, in freedom and peace.  

This four day retreat is normally $485 in person, but for this strange and interesting time of The Virus, we're meeting online.

You can sign up for Thursday, Thursday and Friday, or the entire program Thursday-Sunday.

To enroll in this retreat, you'll choose your own amount to contribute. The recommended amount is $60 per session, or $120 for two sessions, and $180 for the whole retreat. While we meet online three time for half-days (3.5 hours) we will have partner pairings, the Morning Walk, and 1.5 hours on Saturday for group inquiry, plus a lovely Saturday activity for everyone attending this time together...all of which happen outside and in addition to the other 3.5 hour zoom sessions.

To sign up fill in the amount of dollars you're choosing to contribute in the QUANTITY section. Further instructions will be explained once you arrive at the pay page. Please feel free to add more if you feel generous and are able to contribute, and please feel free to contribute less if your circumstances don't allow you to afford the normal suggested amount right now. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

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In the silence, we listen to the mind with kindness, question the stories, and experience the power of unconditional love.