VALENTINE'S RETREAT for the love-weary

with Grace Bell and Nadine Ferris-France, Facilitators of The Work of Byron Katie

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February 8-11, 2024

8-11am Pacific Time

Conflict, betrayal, irritation, heart-break, abandonment.  

The end of a relationship as you know it.  The honeymoon has long ago worn off.

Our thoughts are so upsetting, we sometimes think we will not survive, much less thrive and see this experience as one that’s loving.  

Can dealing with a difficult relationship be done with love?  

We think so, because we’ve lived it.

This doesn't happen only in romantic love. Our parents, children, friends and co-workers also seem to cause us dreadful internal suffering.  

Life brings us our work. We feel the encounter of someone troubling. We hurt.

Nadine Ferris France and Grace Bell first teamed up for this powerful work, because they’ve both been divorced, both felt broken, both felt ashamed and wrong….and both now experience the process of divorce as one of the best things (not the worst) that ever happened.

We've found romance to be an immense source of learning, clarity, upset and radical, enlightening transformation.  


These are the thoughts we began to question:  

I can’t cope

I need to get out of this

He/she shouldn’t have left me

I shouldn't have left him/her

He should be helping with the kids, with my house, with the car, with _____.

The kids will be messed up

I am a failure

Its too difficult

We can’t communicate

I won’t make it financially

I’ll never find love again

….….. sound familiar?  

Do you doubt it is possible to divorce or break up or separate with love?  

Whether you are contemplating separation or break-up, recently divorced or separated, or have been divorced 20 years, this work will support you to find peace in your specific situation.

Using The Work of Byron Katie, our five day immersion course online will help participants examine stressful beliefs about break-up, divorce and separation that cause pain, resentment and bitterness.  

Expect a course full of deep realizations, some laughter, and to be held lovingly in The Work of Byron Katie as we share our sessions to question our thinking. Grace and Nadine are hugely experienced in The Work and both practiced the Work during and after their own divorces.   

Day One: Working with ANGER AND RESENTMENT and beliefs about NEEDING in relationship





“At first I struggled to make the investment but I got so much more out of it than I expected and really feel like it has helped me to move on. It has given me the basic tools that I need to question my own thinking and assumptions and to let stuff go in a way that really does serve my highest potential. It also helped me to act on certain things that I did not have the courage to before. Sometimes doing this is harder than staying in that place of resentment and inaction. As Nadine said ‘resentment is really like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to suffer’ yet we are the only ones who keep suffering. I guess the pain is sometimes inventible but we have to try and reduce the suffering which IS optional. Thank you for all the pearls of wisdom Nadine and Grace and for showing me another way. I am very grateful to both of you and all the amazing women who dared to question and share so openly.” ~ Sophie, Zimbabwe, 2019  

“I love how calming you are Grace. Your ability to translate what we were thinking and rephrase concepts to be more accurate was very helpful and allowed me to dive into the work in an accurate way. I now know that is one thing that has held me back (the thoughts I wrote down were too broad). thank you, thank you”. ~Sam, US, 2019  

“Nadine, you are amazing. Your ability to put yourself in my shoes (all of our shoes!) was impressive. Your calming and uplifting way of presenting the concepts and using the turn arounds to dive into our thoughts helped me a great deal. thank you, thank you” ~ Sam, US, 2019  

  • 2/8 Thursday 8:00-11:00am Pacific Time/ (11:00am - 2:00pm ET/ 4:00-7:00pm UK)
  • 2/9 Friday 8:00-11:00am Pacific Time/ (11:00am - 2:00pm ET/ 4:00-7:00pm UK)
  • 2/10 Saturday 8:00-11:00am Pacific Time/ (11:00am - 2:00pm ET/ 4:00-7:00pm UK)
  • 2/11 Sunday 8:00-11:00am Pacific Time/ (2pm-5pm ET/ 7:00-10:00pm UK)

What we find, with inquiry, is a new view, new possibilities, a wider horizon, or a shift in our perception of our situation. No situation is too great or too small for this inquiry.  

“I did The Work, because I was in a hurry.” ~ Byron Katie  

People who practice The Work regularly report a change in their relationship troubles, a softening of their experience of worry and fear, and the end of their depression and being run by their past histories and difficult stories.  

About the fee for the retreat: To enroll in this retreat, you'll choose your own amount to contribute. The range of tuition is $350 - $595. You will receive 12 hours of live in-person sessions PLUS partnering with others in between sessions. Grace and Nadine have many years of experience and training, and are supported by what you contribute. To devote our time and attention to this retreat and support the expenses involved, the requested amount is $450 minimum, and, we welcome you if you need to start lower as we remember the difficulty of loss of income and financial strain for some people when they are divorcing (or for other reasons as well). If you can contribute a greater amount it helps us continue our work together as two independently run women's businesses devoted to bringing peace to all those who suffer when love and romance goes haywire, and empowering those who suffer to regain their inner confidence and joy in love.

About Partner Pairing: You do not need experience in The Work, although you'll learn it quickly by doing it. We will share how to facilitate The Work for anyone new to it. For those in Europe, you'll be paired together so you can arrange morning sessions online between you and your partner before the live all-group afternoon/evening sessions for each day we meet. For people in the US and Canada, you'll be paired with others near or in your own time zone and you'll arrange to meet with them in the afternoon/evening before sessions the following morning. Expectation is for 2 hours for partner pairing, and this is optional although highly recommended for those participating. It is OK to attend only the live all-group sessions.


In the silence, we listen to the mind with kindness, question the stories, and experience the power of unconditional love.