An online course to identify and question the root cause of off-balance eating: our thoughts and beliefs...and see beyond them.


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Eating Peace Mind: A Home Study Course in The Foundations for Eating Peace

Uncover your Eating Peace birthright:

question your thinking to regain your freedom

No matter how far down the road of craziness you've gone with food, eating and body image--and no matter how long you've been on that road--eating peace is possible for you.  This BASICS course will give you the foundational principles to see the stressful stories, learn to use The Work of Byron Katie, and other exercises to change your eating from the inside out.

I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for this amazing class.  I am really just blown away by the knowledge and compassion you held for us.  Your class is life-changing and I am so grateful. ~ Michelle

Eating Can Be Joyful and No Big Deal


The Eating Peace Basics, Eating Peace Mind Course is the best place to start a deep-dive into understanding the stories, assumptions and, to be honest, lies we're telling about how the world looks that cause us to reach for food, or to starve ourselves on purpose, or the flip-flop between both.

We often hear that the eating behavior is not the true problem, it's the beliefs and feelings prior to our behaviors that are the cause of our eating. But how do we interrupt the pattern? Many of us just feel overwhelmed, angry, bored, or frightened...and find solace in eating or in avoiding eating. We're not even sure what we're thinking, so how can we identify the stories, so we can even get in there and question them or understand them better?

Doing The Work on any compulsion or "addiction" brings the same dilemma of what to "do" or how to "deal" with the feelings activated within us. But it doesn't have to be a "dilemma" or a problem. In the journey of anyone seeking peace with food (or any other off-balance or compulsive behavior) we have two areas to life or two directions we're looking at closely, noticing stressful beliefs infusing each one.

Area One: The world of eating itself. I like to call it the Food Religion. In our religious beliefs about food--thou shalt and thou shalt not--we look at the food itself, judgments about bodies and weight, thoughts about appearance, longevity and health, and beliefs about what the eating means. As we identify and question these stories, something shift and we become more open, less dependent on rules, more willing to flow with what is.

Area Two: The second area is about investigating stressful experiences we've been through in our lives, and to notice how we've thought something is wrong with us, or we've concluded something painful about life itself. Sometimes, we've become unwilling to feel what we feel about life because of these experiences, and often been terrified of feeling anything upsetting, all the while noticing an underlying unease is with us about the past, or about what's ahead. When we look at situations where we felt powerless, victimized, or deeply hurt, we can discover by looking at our thoughts, and questioning them, that the thoughts are what cause our suffering and our impulses to eat or starve ourselves now. Not the situations. The situations are over. It's our recycled thinking that brings more suffering.

This is a remarkable insight.

In this course, you'll be introduced to 8 foundational arenas to explore that help us get unstuck from compulsive eating, compulsive thinking. We'll look at both the area of our Food Religion and also the area of generalized stress and pain, and question both. When we question these stories that fuel eating off-balance, our habitual repetitive patterns of thought break apart and melt. We discover we're safer than we imagined, and more powerful than we imagined, not helpless. When we feel safe, and empowered, we don't overeat, or under-eat. We naturally move into balanced, clear behavior with food.

While we're not expecting a "cure" all compulsion forever through Eating Peace Basics, what you learn will address the root cause of off-balance thinking and eating, and, many have discovered an extreme reduction or release around binge-eating, obsessive thinking about eating or food, and weight loss. You'll know how to continue on your journey to freedom. You may find an immediate awareness of the strength, love and peace already contained within you (it's definitely there). You may find you're not who you were assuming yourself to be: a bad, greedy, confused person who needs to be locked up or punished when it comes to food.

Instead, you discover how eating became a doorway in to something deeply important to you. Perhaps the eating has not been an enemy, but instead has helped you survive. Perhaps eating has had a wisdom in it you had not been aware of.


The Eating Peace Basics, Eating Peace Mind course is excellent for people wanting to apply self-inquiry to compulsive eating issues. If you're new to The Work of Byron Katie and questioning thought-identification, wonderful! If you're a seasoned practitioner, you may find something very useful here.

Eating Peace Basics, Eating Peace Mind LIVE Course Online includes:

  • We meet for 8 live one-hour sessions (all sessions are recorded). You will also have access to pre-recorded teaching videos.
  • Marco Polo video texting app for the group--you can video text Grace directly at any time
  • private forum for writing your questions, sharing your insights and your work


  • 8am-9am Pacific Time (Seattle)
  • 9am-10am Mountain Time (Denver)
  • 10am-11am Central Time (Houston)
  • 11am-Noon Eastern Time (New York)
  • 4pm-5pm United Kingdom (London)
  • 5pm-6pm CET (Paris)
  • 6pm-7pm Israel
  • 1am-2am Australia Thursdays (Melbourne)
  • 3am-4am New Zealand Thursdays

DIY Eating Peace No live calls Home Study Version: You will have access to 12 hours of video recording with ten participants sharing their honest experiences, discussing, and doing The Work on eating, bodies, feelings and the key topics below that affect so many peoples' suffering with food.

In addition to these recorded sessions, there are lessons inside each unit for how to further practice challenging your beliefs on that particular topic, exercises to assist you knocking down the walls between you and peace, and music to listen to on each topic--for freedom and inspiration. The topics covered and the exercises provided will give you key options for exploring your experience of food, how you eat, urges, concepts about weight, our relationship to people, situations and life itself. These 8 topics address the deeply embedded thoughts that keep us aggravated with food, and how to keep doing The Work on it all.

  • UNIT ONE: TRAPPED OR FREE? Noticing what keeps us from freedom, our food story of both wanting and resisting
  • UNIT TWO: FREEDOM TO FEEL Honoring our feelings, honoring ourselves. Feel more, without shame, guilt or fear, and eat less. Question the belief "I did it wrong".
  • UNIT THREE: WHAT ABOUT THE FOOD? Trusting your personal eating peace practice with safety and joy
  • UNIT FOUR: HOW DO I LOOK? THE MEANINGS OF BODY IMAGE Fat, thin and finding peace with bodies
  • UNIT FIVE: AFRAID AND POWERLESS to SAFE AND EMPOWERED Growing personal safety and power by investigating the experiences that caused suffering
  • UNIT SIX: FAMILY OF ORIGIN DINNER TABLE Parenting ourselves, releasing ancestral stories about food
  • UNIT SEVEN: EMPTY, BORED, DISSATISFIED Staying with the emptiness without bolting
  • UNIT EIGHT: LETTING GO AND THE TURNAROUND TO #6 The astonishing peace in letting go without apathy and finding how you are look forward to....whatever happens. To see the compulsion as a gift....astonishing.


Unit One: Trapped or Free. The great question we have when engaging in behavior we know brings us unhappiness, is what is coming between me and my freedom to Eat or Not Eat? Am I a victim, or am I truly free? If I believe I'm trapped....what are the stories I'm telling? How can I turn my attention in the direction of freedom, rather than feeling like a prisoner in a concentration camp of beliefs about food? Here, we get started in identifying disempowering beliefs and taking them through the inquiry process so we understand the inner chatter of the mind--the fearful, sometimes terrorized, mind.

Unit Two: Eating Our Feelings and Freedom to Feel. We've all heard of emotional eating. The fact is, food is soothing, pleasurable, distracting, and magnetizing. It works to calm an emotional disruption (temporarily) like boredom, anxiety, memories of trauma, rejection, sadness, grief. It is grounding. It brings energy. But when we substitute eating for feeling, we end up suffering. We're in physical pain. We feel self-hatred. You'll learn how to be interested (or just willing) to be with your feelings. Included is a marvelous TED Talk by an eating disorders specialist about what we can learn from our feelings and experiences. You'll also receive three practices Grace has used for wonderful benefit.

Unit Three: Planning for safety--Let's Talk About The Food. In this session we will address the ancient question of creating a plan that works specifically for you. I have planned, I have weighed-and-measured, I have eliminated or modified what I eat, and I have learned to follow an internal system I was built and born with (you have it, too) that tells you when and what to eat. You may need to give yourself some structure while you uncover your inner tool--the regulator that says "hungry" and "full". You will have a way to work with how to be with food today that serves you instead of controls you and supports you in finding balance where you are right now.

Unit Four: How Do I Look? Healing Body Image Angst. Body image criticism is enormously stressful AND we judge our concerns about body image, weight and imperfection as superficial and wrong to have in the first place. In this work, we get to see what we think and believe onto images, and why we've felt it's so critical to appear a certain way. As we see what's true, we can relax with the body we have even if we genuinely want to lose weight. The good news is, when we relax, our eating relaxes, and body naturally falls into a normal, balanced weight.

Unit Five: Afraid and Powerless to Safe and Empowered. Most people are aware that traumatic experiences, especially in childhood, can bring a sense of fear when not resolved. Fear by its very nature turns the human psyche (when not questioned and understood) towards escape, avoidance, management. We try to simply find solid ground (survival). Many of us also have shame about how powerless we feel, not just about food and eating and our weight, but about life itself. You don't have to face all your fears, this work is about being with fear, and opening up to doing it without eating. It's not as hard as you think. You are more powerful and safe at the core of who you are than you have realized.

Unit Six: Family of Origin Dinner Table. The experience of our family of origin has striking consequences on our relationship with eating. We'll look at mother, father, sister, brother and name the family stories by identifying what we saw, learned and adopted--innocently--from our family of origin. To become aware of this, and then inquire, can change our perspective and give us new possibilities for how we feel about eating, to find our own agency and compassion. In this unit, you will also receive a bonus lesson on Saying An Honest Yes and No, which is critical for many with eating compulsions to learn. I myself had tremendous trouble saying "no" to people or requests made of me because I was frightened of hurting peoples' feelings and frightened of rejection. To question our stories about rejection, being kind or nice, saying "yes" and saying "no" can move mountains of belief aside and free us to eating peace.

Unit Seven: Empty, Bored, Dissatisfied. We study one of the primary triggers for compulsive and obsessive eating; restlessness, boredom, malaise, dissatisfaction. We're seeking entertainment, something's missing. We feel hungry for something and not sure what we long for--food doesn't really satisfy us, even if it tastes so good. Dropping deeper with this apparent trigger, we can understand how to work with emptiness and boredom and missing something much more clearly...without eating as a replacement.

Unit Eight: Letting Go and the Surprising Turnarounds to #6. Eating sometimes seems mundane, like something we shouldn't have to care about. But consumption and wanting and desire and satisfaction are all symbolized and experienced directly in eating, and in all of life. To find peace with these experiences of being human, and having a body, is the greatest spiritual journey we can have, even if we've never had trouble with off-balance eating. We'll get to look at how we perceive the future, and find peace in the imagination. We dive deeply into what's called in The Work of Byron Katie "the turnaround to #6". This refers to the prompt in question six when we are studying a difficult experience and answer the question: "What do you never, ever want to experience again?" Listening, we can clearly identify our fears and turn them into freedom.


In addition to the 8 Units of the Eating Peace Basics course, you will also get these bonuses:

  • EATING FOR PARENTS: A summary of key beliefs to question that help us learn how to be with children and their experiences of eating and having bodies without feeling guilty, ashamed or hopeless.
  • GRACE INTERVIEWS BYRON KATIE on Katie's experience around eating and addiction, healing over-weight, and radical freedom she experienced when she woke up to reality in 1986
  • STRESSFUL THOUGHTS FOUND IN COMPULSION AND DEPENDENCY: A summary sheet of stressful thoughts frequently found in people who experience compulsion and dependency--absolutely fantastic for continuing to see what thoughts you relate to, that you can explore with four questions and turnarounds
  • INVESTIGATING CRAVINGS: A written exercise to study the foods you most tend to reach for and see what your mind is telling you is possible, true or promised about this item
  • FROM DESPAIRED EATING TO EATING PEACE: A visual emotional scale chart put together by Grace illustrating the pathway and movement from the depth of despair around eating and life circumstances, to the experience of loving, joyful eating, and the beliefs, thoughts and feelings that accompany this step-by-step shift from pain to freedom
  • MEDITATIONS FOR EATING PEACE: Shame, After-An-Overeat, During An Eating Trance, Before a Binge


Will the course work in my time zone? Yes, you move through this course at your own pace for the Home Study version. If you enroll in the LIVE version of Eating Peace Basics, every live session will be saved and you will get to meet with Grace and a group of students weekly. Many of the course materials will be available as soon as you purchase the course and you can come back again and again to review them.

How long will the course materials be available to me? There are no plans to limit your access. As long we are offering the course, you will continue to have lifetime access to it. There is a log-in button for everyone who owns this course on the Eating Peace page at

What's the investment for Eating Peace Basics?

Option One: LIVE Eating Peace for personal attention, Q&A and guidance with weekly live sessions: The course is $497 or 3 monthly payments of $197. You will have access to Grace for the 8 weeks and are encouraged to ask for what you need, to ask for clarification around the beliefs we're questioning.

Option Two: At Home On Demand Only: The entire course plus bonuses is $197, or, 3 monthly payments of $67. As a student you will receive a log-in via email and have immediate access to all the material.

Can I pay with a payment plan? Yes, you can choose the payment plan of 3 payments of $67 for the At Home Study version, or $197 for the LIVE Version. You'll have immediate access after your initial payment.

Are scholarships available? Yes, if finances make it impossible for you to participate, please contact us and request a scholarship application. We are open to reading your circumstances and needs in critical times.

Are there any live sessions for the DIY At Home Study course? No, this is a do-it-yourself course which simulates being in a live course. Your participation will be through watching the videos of the course sessions and doing the exercises on your own.

When are the live sessions for the LIVE Eating Peace Course? These are scheduled at different times usually twice a year. Be sure to get on the mailing list for Grace Notes and/or Eating Peace to be alerted to the next session.

What if I have questions? You can send Grace an email at any time with specific questions.

How is this different from Eating Peace Experience or Eating Peace Inquiry Circle? Or the mini-workshop on how to do The Work on eating? Each offering here in Eating Peace is unique and different, like the different types of meals and food we need to nourish ourselves: a snack, a full-course dinner, a nourishing simple breakfast.

The Eating Peace Experience is an immersive live program offered once a year starting in the autumn. This program is a full-course meal for those seeking eating peace. It is a robust program lasting several months and I am with everyone every step of the way, with helpers supporting you to experience the peace you've been seeking. We take a step-by-step journey with a group, from beginning to end, with videos in between and small personalized changes you decide on making. Mostly, the focus is on questioning your internal experience and watching the compulsion and stress dissolve. Everyone enrolled in the Eating Peace Experience also gets free access for the length of the program to Eating Peace Inquiry Circle for twice-a-week inquiry.

The Eating Peace Inquiry Circle (EPIC) is a simple, ongoing membership for people who want to do The Work on eating, food, compulsion, body....and much beyond that to feelings, relationships and other concerns. People can choose to join EPIC for a month, or ongoing for as long as Grace is offering these guided facilitations in group inquiry. We also have a private support of current members always on Marco Polo, so you can share in between sessions and reach out for support. There are no rules. The only requirement for membership into EPIC is the desire to make peace with eating--to make peace with the mind.

The mini-workshop on How to Do the Work on Eating is a 2 hour presentation done lecture-style, a webinar, which is then cut down into bite sized pieces for anyone who is wondering HOW to do The Work on eating issues. You'll watch the mini-workshop to easily get the process of applying four questions and finding turnarounds to stressful beliefs related to eating off-balance. The fee for this summary of how to do The Work on eating is only $27 and includes a Q&A segment at the end of each part of the program where live webinar students asked great questions.

In addition to taking the Eating Peace Basics course I encourage you to find a partner to do The Work with in your life regularly, join First Friday free inquiry power hour with Grace once a month, enroll in Summer Camp for The Mind--a live inquiry blitz of open sessions Monday-Friday during the summer only, or, join Year of Inquiry, making ​The Work of Byron Katie an ongoing practice in your life.

Do I need to have previous experience with The Work of Byron Katie to benefit from this course?
No, you don’t need to know anything about The Work of Byron Katie to take the course. However, you're encouraged to familiarize yourself with the four questions and turnarounds of The Work before you begin. You can do this by reading “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie or watching videos or listening to audios of Byron Katie doing The Work with people--free on youtube or at

Does this course include any tips on what kind of food to eat, or how to get nutritional advice?
No, this course is focused on stressful thinking that drives emotional and compulsive eating, and how to move through it. We identify and question the thoughts that fuel frantic or sad or lonely eating. By doing this, we open the doors to freedom with food, celebrating the joy of eating, and stabilizing in body weight permanently for the rest of our lives--never needing to "try" to lose weight again. What IS included is how to create a plan that's perfect for you.

Can I Get My Money Back If I’m Not Satisfied?
Of course, if you find that this course does not meet your expectations in any way, just let us know and we’ll be happy to give you your money back.

What If I’m Not Organized Enough for a Self-Directed Course for the Home Study Version?
You will find that this course is easy to do on your own if that's what feels most right for you. Think of it as a Netflix series. Binge-watch the whole series in a weekend, or watch each section whenever you have the time. My hope is that you will find the information compelling enough to keep coming back to the course no matter how you organize yourself. If you find you really do need extra additional help in interrupting your patterns, consider joining Eating Peace Basics LIVE, or EPIC or Eating Peace Experience. We'll welcome you with open arms. It is my sincere commitment to create programs that are the last stop you'll ever make in your search for eating peace. You will have found your home, no need for endless seeking anymore.

If I've been a member of Eating Peace Experience or the Eating Peace Immersion Retreat, will this cover the same material? Some of this material will surely be familiar, but this is a new simpler format offered live, and created to bring something basic to those of us struggling and wanting support in finding our freedom from eating issues. You'll get to engage with a group, (whether you're doing the Home Study as a simulation, or if you're joining the LIVE course), which is immensely insightful for seeing the similarities in our collective journeys.


I knew my life was not meant for constant obsessive thinking or worrying about food. I knew my life was not meant to constantly be fighting with urges, cravings, weight gain, diet planning. Something in me, despite all my suffering, knew that I wasn't born with something missing, I wasn't born broken when it came to eating, I wasn't born missing the ability to eat peacefully and enjoy food and stop when satisfied.

This pathway ultimately is a spiritual journey into the true self, to be willing to welcome this predicament, to accept that something is inviting us to become aware, to wake up. Eating disruption was my hell, and yet turned out to be my pathway to heaven. It was incredible to bump into The Work of Byron Katie along the way, and all the other teachers who supported me in a personal healing journey to eating peace.

"The one you are looking for, is the one who is looking." St Francis of Assisi

There is something vitally important about rediscovering your inner eating peace. It can change not only your relationship with food, and the relationship you have with your body, but your relationship with people, money, all the feelings that rise and fall in our interior world, all the events you encounter, and life itself. Since eating gives us life and offers us energy and union with reality, it is profoundly important to find the freedom we've been seeking. You can do this. You can touch the unconditional love, the mystery of who you truly are, the one who knows how to live without an eating issue or an eating problem or eating angst. You are not the compulsion. You are peace itself. The world is waiting for you.


Enroll in Eating Peace Basics, Eating Peace Mind LIVE
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What people say about eating peace experience online

“This class has been huge for me since I was so new to Byron Katie's Work. My sense of peace around food is wonderful and I thank you deeply for helping me find it.”

"Thank you so very much for your help in the wonderful program you gave. You gave me much to think about, and I can feel a sense of peace that I can’t remember the last time I felt. Thank you, thank you.” 

The slides, the presentation, the fact that I could watch whenever I was able made it possible for me to participate from Australia. When I questioned ”I need to eat” one day at night, I suddenly remembered The Work. I turned it around “I don’t need to eat.” I couldn’t believe it worked. I didn’t eat, for the first time in years.

“I had an amazing night. Woke up around 2.30 and worked ‘I need to control my eating’. I clearly saw that fears are what drive the eating. It feels like I cracked the code! So simple. I've done some work on my eating but not at this depth! Thank you so much."

Enroll in Eating Peace Basics