A community, a family, a village. We share the deepest intention to find and discover our eating peace in every bite. The Work of Byron Katie is our method: investigating mind, questioning beliefs, changing our eating.

Come for a month, a year, or ongoing as long as this practice supports you. Feeling eating peace means expanding ourselves as a force of peace and empowerment in all areas of our lives. Let's do The Work!


Eating Peace is for everyone.

The only pre-requisite for membership is a desire to stop over-eating or under-eating, to stop using willpower or fad dieting, and the willingness to question your mind.

Practice identifying the stories that fuel eating off-balance, question them to the core, and transform your experience of eating, weight and food.

Eating Peace Circle: A Community of Support and Transformation

Eating Peace Membership Circle is an ongoing practice in The Work for people concerned with stress eating, weight, disordered eating, endless dieting, emotional eating and crazy eating.

We're identifying our thoughts and questioning them, and finding our living turnarounds so we change our ways of eating at the deepest level.

No matter how far down the road of suffering you’ve gone, or for how many years you’ve been struggling and upset with eating or your weight….there’s a place for you at this table of life.   

Eating Peace is possible for anyone who is willing to shift and question their belief systems. You don’t have to know how….you only need to be willing to try. 

How many of us tip into the weird compulsions of overeating, inhaling sugary or industrial foods, never feeling satisfied, feeling defeated by cravings?

It must not be personal, since so many of us have gotten caught in the uproar of compulsion.

But when it hurts, and continues, and causes greater and greater suffering, then it gets really horrible.

Sometimes people have the thought that life is not worth living under such circumstances.

That despairing thought would float through my own mind when I was severely bulimic and felt so out of control in the way I engaged with food, losing whole hours of a day or night, hurting my body badly.

I did so many things to STOP the insanity!

I went to couseling (I added them up once, about 20 if you count a few one-time sessions). I did the program "est". I joined a Course in Miracles study group. I did a 9 month program in personal growth and emotional happiness.

Workshops, retreats, courses. Hunting for peace with eating, with my mind.

I enrolled in a therapy group.

I even got a Master's Degree in Applied Behavioral Science because I was so interested in learning how to conquer insane emotional behavior like binge-eating and vomiting, and understanding better what makes people tick.

(Well, OK, what made ME tick and how I could fix it).

Over time, slowly but surely, I dropped the extreme drama with food, after ten years of eating and vomiting.

But I still obsessed. I still felt too fat. I still did not feel really free.

Not until I bumped into The Work of Byron Katie and discovered it was possible to clearly identify what my troubled emotions and urges were trying to communicate--the thinking behind these wild feelings--and deeply, fundamentally question the thoughts!

WOW! There was a reason for my troubled inner feelings?

And I could do something with them, instead of try to get rid of them?

What a relief.

Not just a relief, but a totally life-changing practice for me.

A way of life: question your thinking, change your world.

Now I like to say when it comes to eating issues and noticing our eating is off-balance: question your thinking, change your eating.

It is indeed a practice.

Most of us know how to eat, and what to eat that's healthy and works with our bodies in general.

When we commit to eating with ease and with peace, the mind might have other ideas when we get scared, or we're super used to eating when worried, lonely or unloved.

I noticed when the enchantment of food was dissolving in my life, I had a time when I felt afraid.

You mean food won't actually take away my feelings of fear, powerlessness, boredom, angst or betrayal?

You mean the perfect body won't make me happy?

How do I survive with all these difficult feelings then?

I won't make it! I need my soother of food! I need to be sedated!

But who would you be without the underlying belief that sounds like this: "I can't take this moment, this moment (life) is boring, I don't want to experience this (feelings, conversations), this moment isn't good enough"?

Who are we without this thought that the moment needs improvement?

So many moments, feelings, experiences appear to have needed improvement.

Are you serious about this question "who would you be without that thought?"


If we aren't thinking about how bad any given moment was or currently is....what's the actual problem?

You won't feel like eating as much when you notice you're OK, you're safe, you're alive, and you can survive big huge feelings coursing through you.

Every time I did The Work, every time I practiced Not Binge-Eating plus self-inquiry, or inquiry-after-too-much-eating, instead of eating-plus-zero-inquiry, my urges to eat or obsess or feel bad diminished.

The urges actually softened all by themselves.

Freaking out with food was no longer necessary for comfort.

But it does take a willingness to do The Work. Sometimes, you just need to listen to other people doing The Work. Sometimes you need to try to answer only one question.

Slowly, in the "right" pace and timing, the gap closes between the stimulus of a thought, and auto-response of believing it (and eating).

Who are we without our stories "I can't seem to recover from insane eating?"

Without the story "there's something wrong with me?"

Happy to be a part of a group of people all interested in understanding this compulsion, and healing it.

I find the gathering of the group together creates a support network that also dissolves the shame and self-hatred often included in this experience of off-balance eating.

So. Are you in?

Here are a few questions that have come in from others:

*Can I join the upcoming Eating Peace Inquiry Circle even if I've never taken an eating peace course with you?


It really helps if you're familiar with The Work of Byron Katie. But if you're a new person even to The Work, you're certainly welcome to join us and start.

You may catch on quick, and it's OK to listen and learn.

*When will you open Eating Peace Membership again?

We keep it open to community to join any time. Your monthly investment starts on the day you register, and next month you'll have the same fee charged to whatever way you've set up your membership contribution. You can unsubscribe any time by writing

*Will we be ONLY doing The Work in the Eating Peace Inquiry Circle?

On live calls, that's the primary focus. We have great conversations that are alive in The Work. Sometimes many people on the call get to share and check-in. Sometimes only one person does The Work.

All the live sessions are saved on a private unfindable youtube channel. Many people have appreciated watching recorded sessions.

Eating Peace Guided Course Included in the Membership:

My deepest desire is to help you end this flip-flop agony between forcing yourself to starve, hating yourself for being greedy, and binge-eating or over-eating in a way that feels severely painful.

Even dangerous.

So in the membership I offer a few of the basic step-by-step elements I found I needed for eating peace.

Like a little mini-course, available for everyone when you join.

You may need to focus on one of them, or two, or all of them. No particular order.

Hopefully this will give you the guidance to your success path through these dark woods of ending eating compulsion.

I notice, when I question the mind, my experience of what is changes.

We can all find an end to the suffering of wanting, wanting, wanting.

We can desire peace beyond any bite.

It's what we want already.

How much time will this take?

We have 3 virtual meetings per week: both for Q&A and coaching in self-inquiry (the primary tool is The Work of Byron Katie). Each meeting is 60-75 minutes. The times are:

  • Tuesdays 5pm Seattle/ 8pm New York/ Australia Weds morning
  • Wednesdays 8am Seattle / 11am Miami/ 4pm UK/ 5pm Paris
  • Fridays at 10am Seattle/ 1pm Boston/ 6pm UK/ 7pm Germany

These are recorded and many participants listen to the recorded session as soon as they can instead of attending live.

How do we meet?

You can participate from anywhere. We meet on zoom. You can check your timezone here to see when we meet in your local time.

Refund or cancellation policy:

You may cancel your membership at any time, and the next scheduled payment will not be withdrawn or charged. There are no refunds for past months.

You are signing up for live calls (all recorded for private, secure replay) and an ongoing tribe of committed peaceful eaters, curriculum content, and regular access to a private forum and private sharing app (you'll get access to this app called Marco Polo when you join).

Register for Eating Peace Inquiry Circle, a community circle supporting online thinking, feeling and eating freedom:

When you register, that will be the same date you are charged your monthly investment each month. Please write if you'd like to change your charge date.

  • CLICK the big blue button to sign up for EPIC  ($78/mo). We can't wait to welcome you!
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What people say about eating peace experience online

"“This class has been huge for me since I was so new to Byron Katie's Work. My sense of peace around food is wonderful and I thank you deeply for helping me find it.”

"Thank you so very much for your help in the wonderful program you gave. You gave me much to think about, and I can feel a sense of peace that I can’t remember the last time I felt. Thank you, thank you.”  ~ Eating Peace Process 2018

“The slides, the presentation, the fact that I could watch whenever I was able made it possible for me to participate from Australia. When I questioned ”I need to eat” one day at night, I suddenly remembered The Work. I turned it around “I don’t need to eat.” I couldn’t believe it worked. I didn’t eat, for the first time in years. ~ Eating Peace Process 2018

“I had an amazing night. Woke up around 2.30 and worked ‘I need to control my eating’. I clearly saw that fears are what drive the eating. It feels like I cracked the code! So simple. I've done some work on my eating but not at this depth! Thank you so much." ~ A.A. Eating Peace Basics 2017

"What I did not know coming into the program was how incredibly supported I would be every day. I can be quiet, I can be loud, whether I reach out or not, I am supported. There is something every day. There are other people to connect with, and a lot of contact from Grace. I could not have imagined this. This daily, constant support as a part of the program is amazing. If I had realized the support, I would have felt resolved with any question of price or time. My experience was that Grace was clear, focused and directed. It’s a great comfort to know this program supports my lifestyle. I could never have seen it coming. Thank you. ~ J.O. Eating Peace Experience Immersion 2020

"Last night changed my life. What a revelation! I can't put it words what this has catalyzed in me, but it's big and it's peaceful and it's a way that nothing outside of myself, including men or food could ever be (or drugs, or my mom). Thank you all so much." ~ Eating Peace Inquirer from our live inquiry zoom calls

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