A community, a family, a village. We share the deepest intention to find and discover our eating peace in every bite. The Work of Byron Katie is our method: investigating mind, questioning beliefs, changing our eating. Come for a month, a year, or ongoing as long as this practice supports you. Feeling eating peace means expanding ourselves as a force of peace and empowerment in all areas of our lives. Let's do The Work!


Eating Peace is for everyone.

The only pre-requisite for membership is a desire to stop over-eating or under-eating, to stop using willpower or fad dieting, and the willingness to question your mind.

Practice identifying the stories that fuel eating off-balance, question them to the core, and transform your experience of eating, weight and food.

Eating Peace Circle: A Community of Support and Transformation

Eating Peace Membership Circle is an ongoing practice in The Work for people concerned with stress eating, weight, disordered eating, endless dieting, emotional eating and crazy eating.

We're identifying our thoughts and questioning them, and finding our living turnarounds so we change our ways of eating at the deepest level.

No matter how far down the road of suffering you’ve gone, or for how many years you’ve been struggling and upset with eating or your weight….there’s a place for you at this table of life.   

Eating Peace is possible for anyone who is willing to shift and question their belief systems. You don’t have to know how….you only need to be willing to try. 

This new membership program begins April 1st, 2021.

We meet Tuesdays 5pm Pacific Time and Fridays 10am Pacific Time.

Frequently asked questions:

How much time will this take?

We have 2 virtual meetings per week: both for Q&A and coaching in self-inquiry (the primary tool is The Work of Byron Katie). Each meeting is 60-75 minutes. These are recorded and many participants listen to the recorded session as soon as they can instead of attending live.

Can I participate from Europe or in another time zone? When are the live calls?

You can participate from anywhere. We meet on zoom. You can check your timezone here to see when we meet in your local time. Our live calls are scheduled for Tuesdays 5pm PT and Fridays 10:00am PT.

Refund or cancellation policy:

You may cancel your membership at any time, and the next scheduled payment will not be withdrawn or charged. There are no refunds for past months.

You are signing up for live calls (all recorded for private, secure replay) and an ongoing tribe of committed peaceful eaters, curriculum content, and regular access to a private forum and private sharing app.

To register for Eating Peace Membership, a community circle supporting online thinking, feeling and eating freedom:

  • Sign up for month-to-month membership HERE. ($98/mo)
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Sign Up for Eating Peace mailing list
Sign Up for Eating Peace mailing list

What people say about eating peace experience online

"“This class has been huge for me since I was so new to Byron Katie's Work. My sense of peace around food is wonderful and I thank you deeply for helping me find it.”

"Thank you so very much for your help in the wonderful program you gave. You gave me much to think about, and I can feel a sense of peace that I can’t remember the last time I felt. Thank you, thank you.”  ~ Eating Peace Process 2018

“The slides, the presentation, the fact that I could watch whenever I was able made it possible for me to participate from Australia. When I questioned ”I need to eat” one day at night, I suddenly remembered The Work. I turned it around “I don’t need to eat.” I couldn’t believe it worked. I didn’t eat, for the first time in years. ~ Eating Peace Process 2018

“I had an amazing night. Woke up around 2.30 and worked ‘I need to control my eating’. I clearly saw that fears are what drive the eating. It feels like I cracked the code! So simple. I've done some work on my eating but not at this depth! Thank you so much." ~ A.A. Eating Peace Basics 2017

"What I did not know coming into the program was how incredibly supported I would be every day. I can be quiet, I can be loud, whether I reach out or not, I am supported. There is something every day. There are other people to connect with, and a lot of contact from Grace. I could not have imagined this. This daily, constant support as a part of the program is amazing. If I had realized the support, I would have felt resolved with any question of price or time. My experience was that Grace was clear, focused and directed. It’s a great comfort to know this program supports my lifestyle. I could never have seen it coming. Thank you. ~ J.O. Eating Peace Experience Immersion 2020

"Last night changed my life. What a revelation! I can't put it words what this has catalyzed in me, but it's big and it's peaceful and it's a way that nothing outside of myself, including men or food could ever be (or drugs, or my mom). Thank you all so much." ~ Eating Peace Inquirer from our live inquiry zoom calls

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