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The way we think can create suffering. We've all experienced this. We know that questioning what we think brings insight, rest, even joyful freedom and new ways to "see". And, it doesn't seem easy. That mind is tricky!

Good news. The way we think can also create peace.

These mini workshops on topics and aspects of self-inquiry and awareness are offered as small but potentially powerful glimpses into what we are without our stressful thinking.

"Thinking" is fun.

Except when it's not. Our thinking causes anxiety, heart-sickness, compulsive behavior, depression, hopelessness, irritable behavior towards others, shame.

Our thoughts are not who we are. We sense this is true, and still the cloud-cover closes in and keeps our perspective from noticing the silence in the backdrop of who we are, the awareness of love and trust available in every moment--even when the kids are yelling or the spouse has left or the money is gone or the cancer has returned.

The four questions known as The Work of Byron Katie can offer a bridge into seeing beyond the clouds.

Take a mini-workshop to chisel away at one tiny part of the landscape. Not a Big Project. Just for fun, because you're curious and full of wonder, because you feel the pain of suffering when you "think" stressfully, not because it's required.

Because part of you wants to know what is beyond your thinking. Because part of you already senses what is beyond your thinking.

These mini-workshops will show you step-by-step exactly what you need to do to shift your thinking from war to peace with these specific topics about ourselves and our own behaviors.

online mini workshop: I did it wrong

online mini workshop: creating peace with food

Many people review difficult situations encountered in life, and say "I did something wrong".

We believe we could have known better, should have done it differently, screwed up, and imagine we will do it wrong again unless we shape up and change.

This story is mightily stressful. I'm sure you've noticed.

We also have discovered that our attitude, mood, perspective or interpretation of a situation is deep impactful of how we will proceed and what we do next, when something happens we dislike.

In this workshop, you'll get to consider the way attacking the self for being "wrong" ties in so closely with situations we oppose, and how to do The Work of Byron Katie step-by-step so we can shift this concept from one we believe, to one that's amusing....and simply untrue.

When we work with a compulsive behavior, in this case eating, it's difficult to turn our attention to the mind and what it tends to "do", think, or suggest. But this is where all the change happens: in our thinking/feeling, not in another diet.

When you register to take this 2-hour mini-workshop for $27, you'll have instant access to the steps required to do The Work of Byron Katie on your eating.

You'll learn the three general steps of working with mind and all thought, but more specifically how to apply The Work to compulsive eating issues and consider the false premises we're working with. When we see these, we can question them. When we question them, and they no longer appear so solidly true, we're free.

Once you know how to follow these steps (it's not so difficult)'ll know exactly what to do to question your thinking and change the way you eat.

  • Learn powerful steps for walking through this pervasive underlying belief resulting in shame, anger and despair. How long have we held "wrongness" and "rightness" as a way of viewing life that proves we failed in the past, and could fail again in the future, in those particular situations where "we did it wrong"?
  • Clarify your particular conditioned responses to life when you believe this thought, so you clearly recognize it before it becomes louder and more intense.
  • Leave with a personal roadmap for working with this concept in your life: your living turnaround.
  • Grace will share her experience questioning this thought.

In this workshop, you'll get to learn how to skillfully question the powerful belief that clouds true, peaceful freedom with eating: I" am not safe (can't trust food)".

  • Grace will share how she questioned lack of safety with eating
  • Leave ready to practice a drop (or a cup) of peace with your very next meal.
  • Identify a personal mantra (living turnaround) for feeling empowerment and safety with eating rather than the discouragement of "I can't stop"
  • This workshop is for anyone suffering from eating issues of any kind: over-weight, eating too much, binge-eating, obsessive thinking about food, trying to eat healthy all the time, or the simple ongoing desire to lose ten pounds
Take the Mini-Workshop: I Did It Wrong (instant access to entire course)
Take the Eating Peace Mini-Workshop: Bring a little peace to your next meal (or a whole lot). Instant access to whole course.

How the technology works for the I Did It Wrong Mini-Workshop:

When you register, you will immediately be sent an email with a link to register a password and log-in to your course page. The course gives immediate access to every lesson including Q&A and two extra bonuses to support your inquiry on this very painful thought, using The Work of Byron Katie.

You'll hear Grace's application of the suffering turned inward towards the self, and what to look out for and how to relax from this one dreadful thought "I did it wrong."

"Thank you for this evenings webinar Grace. 💕 I feel so much lighter and kinder this evening after listening to your presentation and responses to participants Q&A’s. The initial feeling of seriousness about the thought 'I did it wrong' suddenly doesn’t feel so serious or heavy anymore and instead there is an excitement and curiosity to welcome what is! It often takes me to listen to a talk several times to process and understand fully what all that’s has been said so I’m grateful to the recording. In the meantime I’m enjoying the peace and calmness that is carrying me into my evening 😀."

"Such a tender, thoughtful workshop. Thank you, Grace."

"I took your workshop yesterday and after seeing how you approach The Work, I felt really good about this decision [to enroll in Year of Inquiry]. I am grateful and looking forward to not running away from myself anymore. I’ve been really good at that. The last time I committed to diving deep was at the School for the Work, shortly after 9/11 happened. Over the course of time, however, I started looking outside of myself for happiness and safety. It isn’t going well. LOL. Thanks for being there and offering this opportunity."

How the technology works for Making Peace with Food Mini-Workshop:

When you register, you will immediately receive an email with a link to create a password and log-in to your course page. You'll have instant access to the full course including Q&A with Grace. You can come back to log-in any time, with access for life.

I saw something about my mother and eating, and body image judgments. I identified this many years ago, but the inquiry now brings more clarity.  It’s so interesting. Thank you for your programs and all that you bring to this food “thing”.

"Thank you Grace, I feel so very different from when I first came in (to the workshop)."

"Thanks, I love that I can now listen to my wise voice within. Wise Voice says I'm good enough just as I am. I'm looking forward to this daily practice."

"I was stunned to realize I can question my fear of hunger. I've often had the thought I might not get enough food. I realize now that's in the future. Grace, I loved how you actually touched on money in this workshop where I also tell a story that I won't have enough. Wow. Thank you for this offering and for bringing such a gentle yet empowered presence."