INQUIRY WITH GRACE: an online community

Join Grace and friends for a supportive journey of self-inquiry and self-realization, the practice of asking and answering four questions and finding turnarounds, in the power of community.

Webinar trainings in key aspects of The Work, live zoom calls, forum for written sharing, partnering, learning to facilitate. Come month-to-month or year-to-year. Doors open September 7th, 2021.

Who are you, really, without your stressful stories?

"Never underestimate the power of a group to change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Meade

 "We're all walking eachother home". ~ Ram Dass


Question your thinking, change your life. See who you are without your stressful stories.

People enroll in Inquiry With Grace for several months or several years. You know how long is right for you. The community is brilliant. This offers you a way to build a steady practice of un-doing stressful beliefs and hitting the reset button, on anything. 

For those wanting to learn to facilitate The Work of Byron Katie through dedicated practice with a huge variety of people also learning self-inquiry, this is an amazing place to do it. Once a month live Facilitation Q&A and Training call for those refining and deepening the way they work with others.

Unravel Core Beliefs

Touch a hot stove. Ouch. You immediately pull your hand away.  

Later, the mind begins to think about that terrible moment.  

Will I touch a stove again? Will there be a stove in the next place I enter? How can I protect myself against getting burned? I need to know about the location of all stoves in my vicinity. What if a stove shows up where I work?  

Life is hard. I'm not safe. I should be more careful. It shouldn't have happened. 

Many of our stressful perspectives began in early years of our lives: Family of Origin, school, peers, society, religion, culture. 

In our inquiry circle you'll focus on one topic every month (always with the option of moving to where you want or need based on your life experience--in other words, no one has to stay in the lines).

Our monthly topics (not necessarily in this order):

  • Family of Origin (FOO) Mother, Father, Sister, Brother
  • Anger, Hurt and Trauma
  • Finding Safety Within and Without
  • Body: Pain, Image, Illness
  • Money
  • Back To Basics with The Work
  • Relationships
  • Living Our Turnarounds
  • Judging Myself, Shame
  • Turnaround To #6
  • Working With Difficult Clients
  • Career Angst
  • Understanding Needs and Wants
  • Learning To Freely Say "No" or "Yes" With Joy

Three Beliefs That Create Big Gaps in Our Peace

There are three gaps, often gaps we're unaware of, that seem to impede our ability to find peace around the situation where we felt burned emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually.

1) More training • More research • More seeking. Like an ever-present attitude of hope that soon, you’ll get it or get there.

2) Wanting to do it alone. We don’t want anyone to push us (very understandably) or boss us around, or scare us, or brainwash us, or bore us. Nor do we want to try something that winds up failing again.

3) The third missing link or gap is the uncanny ability for us to go into unconsciousness. Not really our fault, simply the amazing power of the mind to bury feelings • avoid pain • whistle in the dark, try to be “positive” without really accepting the “negative.”

Year of Inquiry is a way to have a concrete, clear way to work with negativity, worry, depression, despair, conflict and lack...and transform them.

Instead of moving into More, DIY or Unconsciousness, we identify and question just one thought at a time.

Your own personal work is brought to the group in the way you feel most comfortable. No one has to share, you can listen-only and learn so much (although we love to hear from you when you do share). You can listen to recordings of the live sessions. You can share via writing on our private forum. The style that matches you is your method.

The most important thing?

You, questioning your stressful thinking.

Change Your Conversation With Reality

Inquiry With Grace helps us take centuries-old wisdom on the path to inner awareness, not taking the mind so seriously, dissolving our shame. We create the container to:

  • Relax the urge to constantly seek something different, gather more data or knowledge, and believe something is missing.  
  • Put ourselves in a group of wonderful people who support each other's journey and can share this road into peace, and who we can learn from over time.
  • STAY…even if you feel uncomfortable, even as you remember a troubling situation. 
  • Turn and look directly at what we’re thinking when we feel bad, with the help of others and with the support of a group to hold us. 
  • Begin to notice our urges to escape, avoid, dismiss or disassociate from our “problems” or difficult situations (sometimes through behaviors like eating, smoking, drinking, inter-netting, cleaning, spending--THINKING)
  • Become deeply familiar with the best practices of The Work, partnering, sharing and facilitating both ourselves and other people
  • Have a concrete, clear way to work with negativity, worry, depression, despair, conflict and lack
  • Engage in a new way to rest, be patient, and find compassion for ourselves and other people….experience a way to open to love and grace

Join us. All you need is willingness to show up for the parts that work for you, in the smorgasbord of offerings we include.

For more information about the schedule for the next upcoming Inquiry With Grace open period, click the button below.

Inquiry With Grace 2021-2022 Schedule

Meet Grace.

While Grace does happen to be my birth name, the Grace I'm really talking about meeting here is the magical unexpected gift of healing, kindness and compassion that enters our lives when we calm the busy, judgmental interpretations we've gathered and learn to love what is with new fresh eyes.

Doing The Work of Byron Katie became this way of grace for me. I was nervous, depressive, extremely introverted, and full of confusion about the meaning of life. I learned The Work, and life has slowly, significantly, profoundly changed from the inside out since attending my first Byron Katie event in 2004.

In the brilliant book "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell, he shares that 10,000 hours of practice and attention to any endeavor brings expertise, flow and creativity to that practice.

I've had the very good fortune to do this work repeatedly, opening the mind to change, silence, peace and insight:

a) attending around 20 events with Byron Katie including 5 Schools for The Work.

b) sitting in The Work for a minimum of ten hours a week with other people one-on-one and myself in writing, facilitating groups, trading sessions with partners, volunteering on the Help Line, and running a business dedicated to the practice of The Work....since 2006.

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” ~ Aristotle

For those who want to learn to facilitate The Work and receive the best from those facilitating you, and everything you encounter in life: Join me in Inquiry With Grace membership.

Looking to practice and refine how to facilitate The Work? For those eager to develop this skill, you are invited to join the Facilitation Coach Training Group in addition to your membership in Inquiry With Grace. Click the green button below to learn more.

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What Participants Say

"Thank you to Grace for believing in me, trusting me, and walking beside me as I went through what was arising about facilitating. You have created a space in which I feel safe to explore and show up as I am. What an amazing gift! And, thank you all. It has been a privilege and a joy to sit with you all in inquiry this year.  I love the quote by Ram Dass that Grace sometimes shares “we are all just walking each other home.”  I feel grateful to have traveled beside each of you this year.With love and deep gratitude"

- Participant 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

"Grace is great and so sincere and thoughtful. She practices what she preaches. I like her sharing personal stories too because I can relate. Very organized. Very knowledgeable. Such quick loving responses in our special private forum."

- Participant 2017

Year of Inquiry has worked. The times are great and I like that it's all the calls plus a week off a month. No burnout. Nice to be able to listen to recordings. Grace is organized with the technology and it works. I do like our Slack forum for keeping connected. YOI has been a positive experience for me."

- Participant 2014

Sharing the journey with others is a key to staying in our practice, understanding ourselves, and transforming our lives. (Even for introverts).