New Year's Mental Detox

Camp for The Mind

"Stress is an alarm clock that let's you know you're believing something that isn't really true for you." ~ Byron Katie

Let's gather around the fire, and question our stressful thinking, together.

At every camp session, the fires of inquiry will be burning, campers will show up to sit and rest, and insights will surely happen.

Join us any time between Dec 4, 2023-Jan 1, 2024, it's never too late to register. When you enroll, you'll have access to all the recordings (until we take down camp at the end of February 2024).

Think of New Year's Camp as a virtual cabin in the mountains. You can come twice to sit around the fire, 5 times during December, or stay all month long. It's OK to show up and join us on January 1st, 2025 for New Year's Day only. Or, just listen to the recordings.

When we gather in our campfire circles (5 times every week), this life-altering mind detox can address depression, anger, disappointment, self-sabotage, conflict, whatever ails you...

....and help you transform your stress and feel ready and open for the New Year.... you can tap into your natural creativity and joy for what the new year will bring.

NEW YEAR'S CAMP SESSION STARTS DECEMBER 4th, 2023 AND ENDS JANUARY 1ST, 2024! Scroll down or click HERE for the daily schedule.

Attend one meeting, a handful of meetings, or all 25 live sessions,

or anything in between
Sliding Scale Registration Suggestion $250 - $495 (minimum $47) and special lowest end of the scale ($27) for those arriving after the program has already begun and you don't like listening to recordings--or just don't


Do you feel uncertain, troubled, disturbed or even in deep pain in an important situation in your life? Would you like to feel better about the coming New Year?

Even though dates are created in the human story, the collective celebration around the world that changes our calendar from one year to the next can bring on reflections about what we'd like to see shift that hasn't yet, where we're pointed, projects we'd like to engage in, and the old tradition of "resolutions".

We get frightened or angry about circumstances, about relationships we've been disappointed by. Or self-sabotaging behavior we can't stop practicing. Or traumatic experiences we've been through.

We hide, we reduce our lives to just trying to be safe. Happiness seems fleeting, and unpredictable.

But not when we investigate our minds with sincerity.

When we can see that we're only believing our thoughts....we have the power to respond differently to every moment, any moment. Even our difficult memories or plans for the future.

New Year's Camp is a community of people who all share one thing in common: sincere interest in questioning our stressful thinking.

Because one thing scientific research has shown is that the way we see life is the highest predictor of how life will actually go for us.

Will tough things happen? Always.

We have the power, however, to see it through the eyes of an open, willing heart. Not a closed, unwilling mind.

All we need to do is sit with four questions, and turnarounds, and help our own minds disconnect from their painful thinking and relax.

New Year's Mental Detox for The Mind is an inner adventure in the practice of self-inquiry using The Work of Byron Katie....a way to inner peace and a steadiness you could call invincibility of the quality Camus describes.

The Work is a simple way to practice investigating stressful beliefs repeated in your mind, and our feelings about these beliefs.

In New Year's Camp, you’re guided by long-time facilitator Grace to share the journey with fellow-travelers from all over the world.

Beginners, intermediate, and very experienced in The Work are all welcome.  

"The most wonderful thing about doing The Work in the group, is you get to take a back seat and listen, and do your own work just by hearing the sessions. I never spoke once in Camp, I never turned on my camera. Yet my personal situation I thought of as absolutely awful got so much lighter. I can't thank everyone enough who was willing to do The Work out loud, or share their takeaways. It made a huge difference. Thank you, thank you." ~ Participant 2020

New Year's Camp has no homework, no requirements, no special exercises unless you choose to do them. Kinda like camp!  

Expand, understand, relax, open to new possibilities, and stop believing thoughts that no longer are in service to you.  

Look closely at issues like the following:

  • anger, depression, anxiety
  • intrusive thinking
  • difficult relationships
  • self-sabotage like over-eating, over-working, procrastination, people-pleasing
  • trouble with money
  • upset around disease, ailments, pain, death

We join together live online zoom campfire to answer four questions and find turnarounds as a regular practice, your way.

Summer Camp includes:

  • live zoom calls every week day and sometimes weekends for the whole month of December
  • a forum for writing your work and receiving or giving comments, a place to find facilitation partners,
  • all the materials needed to do The Work steadily, so that you truly get it for whatever situations you're bringing to camp
  • Different hours each day of the week help to accommodate everyone's schedules and time zones. At least one of the days and times will hopefully work for you, and maybe more
  • Community. Acceptance. Realizing you're a human being, not someone with a defective mind.


Do you need to attend the whole camp? NO. Come to one session only if you like. If you want more after you've attended a session, sign up for more.  

New Year's Camp for The Mind costs what you decide to pay with a suggested range of $25-$35 per call. So for example, if you plan on attending twice a week for all 4 weeks, consider choosing a range between $200-$280 as your contribution. Or, for example if you're only attending three times in total, suggested range is $75-$105.

There are many benefits and access to The Work beyond only the live recorded sessions: online forum, recordings, reach out to Grace any time directly. We want to make this affordable, but also sustainable.

Please note that everyone who enrolls has access to all the New Year's Camp call video recordings until February 28th, 2024. Some people LOVE listening to these afterwards on their own time.  It takes time and administrative effort, plus expenses for all the working parts, to create this wonderful summer community, so contributing at least $150 minimum per 4 week-session is helpful.

Come look closely, in a new way, where you tip over, where you observe yourself to be unhappy, and the places you consider your invincible summer to be missing.  

You can discover it again.  

Keep reading for the schedule.

Our camp runs December 4th-December 29th, 2023 PLUS New Year's Day 2024!

DAILY SCHEDULE, all sessions one hour:


8:00am PT/ 11:00am ET/ 4:00pm UK/ 5:00pm Europe

Mondays meet Dec 4, 11, 18, (no session 12/25), January 1st!


5pm PT/ 8pm ET/ Melbourne, Australia Weds NOON/ New Zealand Weds 2pm

Tuesdays meet Dec 5, 12, 19, 26


10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 6pm UK/ 7pm Berlin

Wednesdays meet Dec 6, 13, 20, 27


6pm PT/ 9pm ET/ Melbourne, Australia Friday 1pm/ New Zealand Friday 3pm

Thursdays meet Dec 7, 14, 21, 28


7:45am PT/ 10:45am ET/ 3:45pm UK/ 4:45pm Europe

Fridays meet Dec 8, 15, 22, 29

  In summary, here's what New Year's Camp for the Mind Online Supplies:


  • Experienced guidance by artful and caring facilitator of The Work, Grace Bell
  • Group of amazing people to partner with, get to know, and be inspired by
  • Accountability. We're gathered to DO The Work rather than think it would be a good idea.
  • A private forum on slack where we all share our written material, or comment on others’ work, and find partners if we like--highly secure
  • A place to ask about The Work when you’re stuck
  • Exercises to help you get to the bottom of some of your repetitive stressful beliefs
  • a live session every day at different times for different time zones — you pick what’s right for you and join any call you like
  • An increasing brightness of your resilience and presence
  • A way to get the feel for what Year of Inquiry is like for sharing with a group for six months if you’re interested (to read about YOI, visit here). YOI doors open once a year in January.


No problem is too big or too small for The Work.

Click the Button and you’ll be taken to a secure check-out page where you can enter your chosen amount. You enter the amount manually that works best for you.

QUESTIONS? Write or text 206-650-1230 


JAN 1, 2024